Sunday School

To provide a platform for our Christian Youth and Children to develop their faith

Number of Members : 40

Meetings Every Monday night from March – Dec, 6.30pm

External Activities :
Sports events, Picnics, Camps, Cultural Conferences. We take part in other church services and activities at other parishes.

We run a variety of activities that utilise all our talents from Singing, Choir to Acting and Music playing. We also conduct Bible Study Programs that run contemporary themes relevant to our members. We take part in our Cook Islands Sunday Services, during the service, we start our segment with “the childrens talk”, and follow it up with a song or creative dance.
The highlight of our year is our “Tatau Sunday” which is similar to White Sunday, where we recite bible verses in Cook Island Maori, do creative dance, drama and songs. The whole service is dedicated to the Sunday School