To fellowship as a Cook Islands Womens Group, to strengthen our belief in Lord.

Members : 50

Every first Sunday on the Month March to November after the 11am Communion Service.

Activities :
The Mamas look forward to the yearly Pentecost Sunday, where half of our group travel and fellowship with another church group and the other half remain in our church to host a group. All the PIC churches within the Auckland region take part in this event We call this Sabati Riringianga Vaerua.
1) Our monthly meetings is used as a sharing time with not only our Mamas but our young ladies and some of the Papas. We have Uapou which combines the use of Traditional Singing(Imene Tuki) and the sharing of answers to questions that have been set by different selected members of the group each month.
2) We have prayer meetings on the last Saturday of the month from 6am
3) Our Mamas visit people during the month who are not able to make it to church, through health or others reasons.